Christmas Tree Infographic

The Tree-Fuel Scenario infographic demonstrates the benefits of creating green gasoline from discarded Christmas trees. (Photo courtesy of BCS, Incorporated.)

What happens to all of those Christmas trees once the holiday season comes to close? More than 30 million Christmas trees will be discarded in the United States this year, and the Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) knows just what to do with the holiday leftovers. If all those trees were converted into biofuels through BETO-supported bioenergy conversion technologies, they could produce 68 million gallons of renewable gasoline—enough to drive from New York City to Los Angeles about 700,000 times!* Creating green gasoline through this scenario would correlate to a 53-65% greenhouse gas reduction in comparison to conventional gasoline.** Now, wouldn't that be a lovely way to ring in the new year?

*Conversion is based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fast Pyrolysis Design Case. Retired Christmas tree value based on National Christmas Tree Association estimates. Total trips were calculated using a 25 mpg vehicle.

**Reductions calculated based on the Life-Cycle Assessment of Gasoline and Diesel Produced via Fast Pyrolysis and Hydroprocessing report. Range of reduction is dependent on how the electricity for the process is supplied (either with biomass or natural gas, respectively).