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Window R&D Technical Targets - Input Requested by 12/10

Posted by Webmaster on 24. November 2003 13:08

Draft Target for Windows R&D Project Area (PDF 34 KB), Nov. 2003
Download Adobe Acrobat.

Posted By: P. Marc LaFrance from U.S. Department Of Energy

November 24, 2003 1:08 PM

DOE has formulated some long-term Window R&D Technical Targets to help focus the vision for the program. Please provide comment on these draft targets. While these targets are aggressive, it is DOE's' belief that they can be achieved with a concerted effort on everyone's part. These targets are the main focus of the Windows R&D program. You also can initiate a new topic. To get started, you just need to "login" (after you have signed up for the forum) from the home page then click on "view topic." You can then either post a comment, or initiate a new topic. You can read this topic and any responses without logging in, but you can only post your comment after you have logged in. If you have problems getting started, please call me at 202-586-9142. Thank you, Marc LaFrance, Technology Development Manager - Windows R&D

Replied By: John Wheatley from North American Windows

13 - Nov - 2004 9:04 AM

Window & door experience dating from 1975...

My friends in this industry,

As matter of an introduction, althought I spent almost 18 years of my career with a Pella distributor in Ohio and was proudly made a member of the President's Club of Pella, Iowa, over the last most recent 10 years I have learned, I believe, "the rest of the story" inside the window industry. I have been to the Andersen factory, the Marvin factory and through several of their courses & most recently the EAGLE factory and through several of their courses. Due to my inherent dislike of vinyl for frame and sash materials, I won't even list those factories and lectures I have visited and heard over the years. Frankly, vinyl just goes against my grain--tho in fairness the Quebec, Canada, manufacturer Solaris International product-line impresses me. Perhaps most importantly, even after all these years I still love this industry and have the enthusiam for learning like a 1st-day-on-the-job employee.

First of all, the first page I brought up from the site was "Draft Target for Windows R&D Project Area." Based upon all my experience and knowledge in this industry, the target R-value for 2007 and 2010 seems a quantum jump based upon 2003-04 status! You understand you are targeting a 100% increase? Based upon my understanding of Low E 2 glazing with Argon, then a window blind and then a third lite of glass, this target seems terribly high. Is your understanding of Europe's aero-gel's longevity better than recently reported? Do you have an American comparable product under developement/almost ready for release? Certianly triple glazings with krypton gas fills currently available may approach these numbers but with most of this country having fewer than 8,000 heating degree days that expense is very long term-recoverable.

Secondly, should we connect, I'll be happy to share my understandings about legal complications which Andersen faced and resolved, which Marvin has resolved thru it's class action "attack" and finally those which Pella is currently facing on two fronts: exclusively in the State of Florida and collectively for the 49 other states through the filling in Cook County (Chicago), IL.

Finally, I am pleased to help in whatever capicity is required,

John M. Wheatley

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