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NFRC Board Subcommittee RESFEN Assumption Activity

Posted by Webmaster on 17. December 2003 20:36

Comments from NFRC Board of Directors Subcommittee (PDF 14 KB), Dec. 2003
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Posted By: P. Marc LaFrance from U.S. Department Of Energy

December 17, 2003 8:36 PM

Please see the attached document and provide comments. NFRC will be requesting comments from its members, however DOE and NFRC would like to gain input from all interested stakeholders via this FORUM. In addition, please see the recent NFRC letter and the current RESFEN assumption posted on this web page, see http://www.govforums.org/e&w/content.cfm?bodycontent=summaryreport#wrs DOE is posting this information to jump start the discussion that will take place at the NFRC Subcommittee and Task Group Meeting in Ft. Worth, TX on January 7 and 8, 2004. To get started, you just need to "login" (after you have signed up for the forum) from the home page then click on "view topic." You can then either post a comment, or initiate a new topic. You can read this topic and any responses without logging in, but you can only post your comment after you have logged in. If you have problems getting started, please call me at 202-586-9142. Thank you, Marc LaFrance, Technology Development Manager - Windows R&D

Replied By: P. Marc LaFrance from US Department Of Energy

14 - Jan - 2004 11:26 AM

LBNLFollow Up Analysis...

Please see LBNL's follow-up analysis (PDF 411 KB) and presentation (PDF 212 KB) that was made at the NFRC meeting in Ft. Worth, TX on January 8, 2003.

Marc LaFrance

Replied By: P. Marc LaFrance from US Department Of Energy

14 - Jan - 2004 11:30 AM

DRAFT NFRC AEP Subcommittee Mtg Minutes...

Below are the Draft NFRC Annual Energy Performance Subcommittee Minutes for the meeting that was held on January 8, 2004 in Ft. Worth, TX. NFRC will be hosting a conference call on January 20, 2004 at 11:00 EST. Contact NFRC for participation requirements. If anyone wants an electronic copy of the minutes, please email me since the format has been altered. In the future, we will try to improve the formatting capability of this Forum.
Marc LaFrance

Annual Energy Performance Subcommittee
Thursday, January 8, 2004
1:00pm '“ through completion

CoChair: James Krahn '“ Marvin Window & Doors
CoChair: Gary Curtis '“ The West Wall Group, LLC

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:00pm by chairman Jim Krahn.
2. The minutes were taken by Jim Benney, NFRC.
3. The minutes from September 18, 2003 (Kansas City) meeting were reviewed. It was moved and seconded (G. Stone, R. Temple) to approve the minutes. The motion was approved by unanimous voice vote.
4. The agenda was reviewed '“ there were no recommended changes.
5. The chair reviewed recent activities in the AEP Subcommittee; the proposed activity with regard to the RESFEN assumptions; and the resource information (website) for this activity. There were some questions/concerns raised regarding the process that took NFRC to this point, especially with regard to the NFRC Board of Directors. It was noted that the Board had appointed a task group to review whether or not NFRC should be involved in reviewing the RESFEN assumptions; and based on the task group report, had agreed to do so (thus the current subcommittee meeting).
6. Jim Larsen presented information on the 6 assumptions in RESFEN that he felt needed to be revised (base house, insulation package, internal heat gain, user control of blinds, thermostat set points and ventilation practice). Joe Huang presented additional information on the impacts of these proposed changes on heating and cooling loads. His calculations showed that changing the assumptions would have a major impact on cooling (91%) and a small impact on heating (14%). He also compared this to RECS data. Considerable discussion ensued.
7. The subcommittee reviewed the assumptions for points of discussions and attempted to separate them into 3 categories (as follows): Items where changes are factually supportive; Items where there is some evidence that change may be appropriate; and Items that have little factual evidence and need further review.
8. Issues discussed included: Base model house size; Model house style - one-story vs. two story; Insulation package in the base model; Internal Heat Gain Assumptions; User Controls of blinds and drapes; Thermostat set points and thermal comfort; Existing homes vs. new homes; Whether or not NFRC should conduct this activity; Ventilation practice; All RESFEN Assumptions; And the validity of the RECS data for newer homes.
9. The following actions regarding the assumptions took place.
a. Home size/style (category a). It was moved and seconded to utilize a 2300 SF/two-story home as the base model size/style for new homes (C. Mathis, J. Hayden). The motion was approved 11-3-3.
b. Insulation level (category a). It was moved and seconded to use the 2003 IECC insulation levels for the assumption for new homes (C. Mathis, S. Johnson). The motion was approved 15-0-2.
c. Internal Heat Gain (new homes) '“ It was moved and seconded (T. Culp, T. Zaremba) to table the internal heat gain assumption proposed by Jim Larsen. Place it in category c, needing further research, until LBNL updates its methodology for residential internal heat load schedules. The motion was approved 13-4-1.
d. Shade Assumptions (category b). It was moved and seconded (J. Hayden, G. Stone) that the subcommittee ballot include the 50/50 internal shade assumption as presented by Jim Larsen. The motion was approved 11-3-4.
e. Internal Blind Scalar. It was moved and seconded (T. Culp, G. Stone) that we place the internal blind scalar in 'œcategory b', where LBNL is tasked to determine what the proper equation is for blind shading effect as a function of window SHGC. The motion was approved 17-0-1.
f. Thermostat Set point. It was moved and seconded (G. Stone, S. Johnson) to adjust the cooling set point (thermostat set point) from 78 degrees to 75 degrees. The motion failed 5-12-1.
g. NFRC Involvement. It was moved and seconded (S. Johnson, C. Mathis) that NFRC should be conducting this activity (reviewing the RESFEN assumptions). The motion was approved 10-0-5.
h. It was moved and seconded (C. Mathis, J. Larsen) that existing homes be modeled as 1800 sf and one story. The motion was approved 17-0-0.
i. It was recommended that the AEP ballot will include all RESFEN assumptions, including the changes approved above (with strikethrough/underline).
j. It was further recommended that there be two ballots; one: assumptions for existing homes and two: assumptions for new homes.
k. It was recommended that the Validity of RECS data for new homes be reviewed ASAP.
l. It was recommended that LBNL and FSEC get together and try to agree on the Internal Heat Gain assumptions.

10. The chair asked that the minutes of this meeting will be distributed ASAP.
11. The chair noted that there will be conference calls between now and January 28th when the subcommittee ballot must be finalized; and hopefully before the Miami AEP meeting.
12. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

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