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Air Barrier Research Plan

Posted by Webmaster on 23. January 2009 14:18

Research Plan: Assessment of the impact of air barriers on Energy and Moisture ControlPDF, Jan. 2009
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Posted By: Forum Administrator from Technologists Inc.

January 23, 2009 2:18 PM

Dear Stakeholder,

Attached is the research plan on the energy and durability impact of air barriers systems. This research will be conducted in a new 2 story test facility located at Syracuse University Campus, NY. This project is a collaborative effort between DOE/ORNL in association with the Air Barrier Association of America and SU. The effort is concentrated on quantifying the energy impact of air barriers. We are seeking feedback from stakeholders.

Please post your comments.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Achilles Karagiozis,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
1 Bethel Valley Rd,
Bldg 3147, RM 217,
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6070.
Tel. 865 576-3924

Replied By: Richard Gregor, PE from Hickory Corporation

23 - Jan - 2009 2:54 PM

I think it would be informative to compare your air barrier assembly built carefully using "best practices" with one installed using "typical field conditions"- no tape, run out of staples, poorly sealed- so that the magnitude of impact of carelessness could be called out- We found that a typical marriage wall mating at a 1/4" gap on modular closure would translate into a 2 square foot hole in the wall. dick g

Replied By: Richard Keleher from Richard Keleher Architect

25 - Jan - 2009 5:39 PM

Great to see this happening. However, I think that it is critical that funding be found to do the dynamic testing. and eventually to include full 3D testing and analysis of air flows.

Replied By: Martha VanGeem from CTLGroup

01 - Feb - 2009 5:15 PM CMU with ordinary coatings

Thanks to ORNL/DOE for developing this plan. Please note one major concern. The liquid applied coatings are all air barrier coatings. The masonry industry has determined that two coats of an ordinary masonry paint or coating acts as an air barrier. This is common practice and is not included in the work plan. Specifically, the following is recommended: coat with Sherwin Williams B28W300 PrepRite (primer) as per manufactures instructions to one face of wall. Allow the PrepRite to dry then apply a one or coats of regular Latex paint to the same surface.

Replied By: Larry Spielvogel from Self

04 - Feb - 2009 8:23 AM Air Barriers

Will the report explicitly state the results are not applicable to commercial and high rise residential buildings?
Will the report explicitly describe and define the results of the different types of interior insulation and wall construction, independent of the air barrier?
Will there be completely independent experts (paid for their time and expenses) who will participate and provide any negative or contrary comments and opinions in the final reports?

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