Thursday, July 31, 2014

DOE Shares Comprehensive Resource for Radiant Barriers

Posted by Webmaster on 7. January 2011 18:09

As part of the next generation of attic and roofing systems, DOE is happy to share an online fact sheet for Radiant Barriers, a tactic to keep heat from the sun away from your living space. The fact sheet can be found at In addition, the site also includes a simple calculator to measure savings for a given house size and climate zone. The calculator can be found at this address: 
Several enhancements are planned for the calculator, including giving savings ranges instead of hard values as well as calculating the present value of the savings. Please stay up to date with the Building Envelope Program Blog for the latest information!


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  • flat pack house said,

    Radiant barriers are installed in homes—usually in attics—primarily to reduce summer heat gain, which helps lower cooling costs.