Friday, July 25, 2014

Notes from DOE Roadmap Presentation at Buildings XI Available

Posted by Webmaster on 17. February 2011 17:19

In December 2010, DOE's building envelope team presented the Department of Energy's envelope roadmap at the Buildings XI conference in Clearwater Beach, FL.  DOE then asked stakeholders for their input to guide our finalization of the roadmap.  Notes from that meeting are now available for review.  These notes include important points discussed at the meeting, the results of the paredo voting by stakeholders, and DOE responses to questions raised by stakeholders on their evaluations.  Please leave your comments below.

Draft Building Envelopes Roadmap Meeting Notes 2 15 11.pdf (120.01 kb)PDF

Building Envelope Roadmap Workshop Evaluations.pdf (294.93 kb)PDF

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