Friday, August 01, 2014

New Article on Triple Pane Windows (and Double Pane alternatives)

Posted by Webmaster on 2. March 2011 17:52

Click on the link below for the Glass Magazine article, "Closer look: More construction to incorporate triple glazing" and learn more about the future of highly insulating windows. It's possible that more triple glazing will be used in future construction projects, thanks in part to changes in code as well as programs like the High Performance Windows Volume Purchase Program. According to the experts in this article, a major change may take place as soon as the next 5-10 years.

Please click: This article originally appeared in Glass Magazine,  ©National Glass Association 2011.

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  • Windows said,

    This is a very interesting article! At Viking Window we have been seen a substantial rise in interest among customers concerning triple glazing. The recent weather patterns might have something to do with, but perhaps the popularity of sustainable building even more so, in the long term.

  • S Peterson said,

    I was looking for information on this also and like Phillip said we need an authority website for information on triple glazing. The best I could find was on an old school window company’s website, their information is going to be biased because it's aimed to make you buy but it's ok when you just concentrate on the facts, they broke down most of the questions i had and after reading that it makes sense because it's obviously more energy efficient because of the extra pane of glass but the sound proofing is what is making it really tempting for me. Triple glazing has been around for over a decade in some european countries, looking at our current climate and rise in energy bills something needs to be done. I think more government funding to green technologies would be a good way of getting britian out of fuel poverty. Anyway this information from the window company website may be of interest to you guys. This is where the UK is at with triple glazing so far.