Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Update: Activity from The Global Cool Cities Alliance

Posted by Webmaster on 26. July 2011 16:08

The Global Cool Cities Alliance announced a timely meeting titled “Cool Roofs for Cooler Summers”, a forum hosted by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute that took place on July 21 and included discussion between leading technical, policy and program experts on the benefits of cool roofs. Cool roofs can lower a building’s net energy use (cooling savings minus winter heating penalty) by 10 to 20 percent, if the building is air conditioned.  Multiple buildings using cool roofs can also help reduce the overall urban heat island effect in cities. Download the attached press release from the Global Cool Cities Alliance for more information.

GCCA PR 7.20.11.pdf (84.41 kb)

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  • Joe-HVAC Promotions said,

    I'll have to do some research on the availability of a cool roof for homes. We are getting ready to replace it, so it would be good to try and do something now to help the heat gain in the attic.

  • peru travel said,

    Looks interesting. Considering we've now had 33 straight days over 100 here in Dallas, the words "Global Cool Cities Alliance" has never sounded better!

  • peru travel said,

    On a related note, anyone interested in this story will want to check out the Sierra Club's coolcities initiative. Their site is full of information that expands a lot on what was provided in the PDF above. You can find them at: http://coolcities.us/


  • Melanie said,

    excellent way to help the environment, is also useful for all seasons, very interesting site that shared peru travel.