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The PNNL Lab Homes Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is on November 15!

Posted by Webmaster on 3. November 2011 11:17

At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) on November 15 from 10:00am - 12:00pm, the official ribbon cutting ceremony for new lab homes will take place, complete with home tours. The lab along with research partners will use two identical 1,500 square-foot homes for experiments focused on reducing energy use and peak demand. Research and demonstration on the Lab Homes project will focus primarily on retrofit technologies, and the homes will offer a unique, side-by-side ability to test and compare new ideas and approaches that are applicable to sitebuilt as well as manufactured homes in the region.

The first project will be a six-month study of highly insulating windows, with additional research centered on smart appliances. In each study, one home will remain a control typifying an average existing home in the region, and the other will test a new technology. Occupancy in each home will be simulated to account for human activity.

PNNL Lab Homes Ribbon Cutting.pdf (5.69 mb)

Click this link to learn more about the event!

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