Thursday, July 24, 2014

DOD Announces Partnership with Soladigm, Inc.

Posted by Webmaster on 7. December 2011 13:34

The Department of Defense’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) has announced 27 new projects to demonstrate emerging energy technologies on military installations through its Installation Energy Test Bed initiative, and one of those projects includes DOE partner, Soladigm, Inc. Their project is titled "Demonstration Program for Low-Cost, High-Energy-Saving Dynamic Windows" and will demonstrate the energy savings offered by dynamic windows that can switch from a tinted state to a clear state on demand to optimize solar heat gain and daylighting.

The Installation Energy Test Bed initiative plays a key role in testing, evaluating, and scaling up innovative new energy technologies to improve the department of defense’s energy security and reduce its facility energy costs. Click this link to learn more about the initiative and the Soladigm project.

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  • Keith D. Patch said,

    It's not a DOE contractor, but I like that DOE's NREL is participating in Raytheon's "Integrated Defense Systems: Zinc Bromide Flow Battery Installation for Islanding and Backup Power". Sounds like some good competition for A123 and the other lithium battery vendors.


  • Sean J. said,

    It seems that Dynamic Windows is a highly potent project, probably even more efficient than solar panels from energy saving viewpoint for large facilities. I would really appreciate if an expert commented this for I may be wrong but I'm really interested.