Friday, July 25, 2014

Provide your feedback on the DOE-BTP Windows/Building Envelope Prioritization Tools!

Posted by Webmaster on 11. July 2012 17:27

Two weeks ago, the Building Envelope and Windows R&D Program presented two stakeholder engagement workshops; one focusing on Building Envelope Technologies and another focused on Window Technologies. At each of these meetings, DOE-BTP shared a new energy efficient technology prioritization tool meant to provide an objective comparison of new and existing technologies/measures, as well as estimated potential energy savings and estimated costs of conserved energy.

DOE-BTP is now asking for your feedback on the prioritization tool inputs to measures, found in both the windows technology prioritization toolMicrosoft Excel and the building envelope technology prioritization toolMicrosoft Excel. If you feel that any of the inputs to measures are incorrect, please send your feedback to (complete with a reputable source for alternatives). If you'd like to learn more about the inputs and outputs for the tool, please review the DOE presentations provided at the Building Envelope Technology WorkshopPDF and at the Windows Technology WorkshopPDF. And keep an eye out for an NREL report this summer with more information on the methodology approach!


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