Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Windows Volume Purchase Program Participant Supplies 1800 R-5 Windows to Green Apartment Project!

Posted by Webmaster on 25. July 2012 11:45

The High Performance Windows Volume Purchase (WVP) Program is happy to share the news that WVP participant, B.F. Rich recently supplied 1800 R-5 windows (both fixed and operable windows) to the Radius Urban Apartments project, providing an eco-friendly apartment option to the people of Newport News, VA.

Architect Grey Mason with Cox, Kliewer & Co. (based in Virginia Beach) are behind the project that teamed with B.F. Rich, which features 1800 cabernet  fixed and double hung windows with a dual glazed R-5 Greensheild Option Package, across five apartments. Learn more about this great project and the WVP Program!

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