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Model Year 2017 and Beyond: Light-Duty Fuel Economy and Emissions Standards

A photo of a car at a stoplight with exhaust spewing out the tailpipe.

Understand how light-duty vehicles must meet federal standards to curb GHG emissions.


August 19, 2016

Reducing Vehicle Idling Time at School Helps Kids—and Parents—Breathe Easier

Photo of two young boys with backpacks walking past a school sign that reads &quote;Children breathing - no idle zone. Turn your engine off."

Learn how one Clean Cities staff member leveraged her professional knowledge to help reduce idling at her sons' school.


August 18, 2016

National Clean Fleets Partners Top Major Mileage Goals

A close-up photo of a commercial truck driving down the road.

Read how three commercial fleets shattered their sustainability goals by logging impressive mileage numbers with AFVs.


August 17, 2016

Propane Helps Fuel Fleet of Historic Site

Photo of several men in national park uniforms gathered around a propane tank and electronic equipment attached to it.

Learn about the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park's adoption of an alternative fuel for its fleet.


August 12, 2016

Key Considerations for E85 and Other Ethanol Blend Infrastructure

A close-up photo of a vehicle's tires on asphalt in the summer time.

Planning to install ethanol equipment at a fueling station? Here's where to start.


July 20, 2016

Climate-Control Technologies Increase Efficiency and Comfort for the Whole Cab

A graphic of a Class 8 truck with cabin climate-control technologies pointed out.

Class 8 truck climate-control package saves fuel and maintains driver comfort.


June 30, 2016