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Spotlight on Biodiesel

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Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#13 Nearly 60 million gallons of petroleum displaced in 2012


September 27, 2013

Find Your Next Truck Now

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Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#12 Heavy-duty guide and search make it easy to explore alternative fuel options


September 20, 2013

Electric Drive Vehicle and Infrastructure Key Terms

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What are the key terms to know when discussing electric drive vehicles and their fueling infrastructure?


September 19, 2013

Coalitions: The Backbone of Clean Cities

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Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#11 Clean Cities' longest-tenured coordinator has served for nearly two decades


September 13, 2013

Reducing Vehicle Idling

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Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#10 An idling vehicle gets 0 mpg


September 6, 2013