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Industry Partners are Critical to the Mission

Photo of the 2013 Civic Natural Gas

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#15 Cummins Westport and American Honda lead the way in alternative fuel vehicles


October 25, 2013

States Enact Natural Gas Vehicle and Infrastructure Incentives

Chart showing the number of states with natural gas incentives in six categories: tax credit (25), rebates (4), grants (16), loans and leases (17), acquisition requirements (41), and other (18)

During the first part of 2013, several states enacted legislation pertaining to natural gas vehicles and fueling infrastructure.


October 23, 2013

Label Your Used Car's Fuel Economy

Graphic of a fuel economy label

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#14 FuelEconomy.gov helps consumers and businesses share used cars' fuel economy


October 18, 2013

Spotlight on Biodiesel

Photo of a bus

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#13 Nearly 60 million gallons of petroleum displaced in 2012


September 27, 2013

Find Your Next Truck Now

Photo of a truck

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#12 Heavy-duty guide and search make it easy to explore alternative fuel options


September 20, 2013

Electric Drive Vehicle and Infrastructure Key Terms

Photo of two electric cars charging

What are the key terms to know when discussing electric drive vehicles and their fueling infrastructure?


September 19, 2013