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Reducing Petroleum, One Billion Gallons at a Time

A photo of several black barrels of oil with a red arrow descending over them.

Learn how Clean Cities is reducing America's oil dependency a billion gallons at a time.


October 24, 2014

Be Prepared with Alternative Fuels

A close-up photo of a compressed natural gas truck with a white Clean Cities sticker refueling at a CNG station.

During National Preparedness Month, be ready for the worst situation, even if you’re hoping for the best.


September 26, 2014

How Far We've Come

Chart showing Clean Cities has eliminated the need for more than 5 billion gallons of petroleum since 1993

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#20 Over two decades, Clean Cities has transformed transportation markets


December 5, 2013

Industry Partners are Critical to the Mission

Photo of the 2013 Civic Natural Gas

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#15 Cummins Westport and American Honda lead the way in alternative fuel vehicles


October 25, 2013

Coalitions: The Backbone of Clean Cities

Photo of Melissa Howell

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#11 Clean Cities' longest-tenured coordinator has served for nearly two decades


September 13, 2013

The Technical Response Service

Photo of a vehicle engine

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#8 Clean Cities has provided top-notch technical assistance for more than 20 years


August 16, 2013