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Filling Up a CNG Vehicle Tank

A graphic of a cylindrical purple tank with red dots inside to represent natural gas in a CNG vehicle tank.

See how variables such as temperature and fill rate affect how a CNG vehicle's tank fills with gas.


September 11, 2014

AFDC Enhancement Makes Finding Applicable Laws and Incentives Easier

A graphic of the map of the United States with the state identified by two capital letters. When you click a state on the map, you're taken to a list of incentives, laws, and regulations for that state.

Updated AFDC search capabilities make it easy to find laws and incentives applicable to you, your program, and your stakeholders.


July 14, 2014

VICE Model 2.0 Released

Photo of a compressed natural gas vehicle

Clean Cities launches improved tool to help fleets evaluate CNG investments


January 27, 2014

Find Your Next Vehicle

Photo of an alternative fuel vehicle

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#19 Tool makes it easy to explore and compare alternative fuel options


December 2, 2013

AFLEET Tool: Know a Vehicle's Impact Before You Buy

Photo of a vehicle fleet

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#18 New tool helps fleets evaluate alternative fuels and advanced vehicles


November 15, 2013

Alternative Fueling Stations in the Palm of Your Hand

Photo of an iPhone

Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

#17 New iPhone app helps drivers find stations


November 8, 2013