Old content: Archive or Keep?

clock August 23, 2007 08:00
The question of what to do with older content has recently come up, and we'd like the feedback of the EERE Web community. [More]

Project Charters

clock August 16, 2007 09:52
Before starting any new Web project on EERE that requires significant effort, project charters should now be submitted to Sarah Kirchen. A project charter is a planning tool that will help you define the purpose, assess whether the content is unique to EERE, and evaluate the project idea within the context of both EERE as a whole and the individual site. Your charter will also serve as an agreement among the project team on the scope, schedule, and budget. [More]

Maintenance Plans

clock August 16, 2007 09:50
Keeping your site current and of high quality is an important public service. It is a requirement of the EERE Web site policy that each Web site file a maintenance plan before going live. By submitting a plan, the Web site manager makes a commitment to ensuring the quality of their program's Web site content. [More]

New Web Content Guidelines

clock August 16, 2007 08:00
As the amount of content across EERE Web sites continues to grow, standards and guidelines for content become more important. As such, we have developed content standards as a guide to content requirements and best practices for the many content providers across the EERE Web site. Adherence to these content guidelines will help ensure that content is consistent and the quality remains high. [More]