EERE Home Page Facelift

clock August 26, 2009 17:25
The EERE home page has undergone a facelift! In addition to the new banner that rolled out to all sites several weeks ago, the home page now includes a redesigned rotating news box, links to social media resources, links to the EERE mobile site, and streamlined feature graphics.

This is just the first phase in the overall EERE redesign; we expect to roll out further improvements as we move through the redesign process. See the July 29th redesign update for a refresher on the redesign.

Please leave a comment if you have any feedback on this home page facelift. [More]

Requirements, Best Practices, and the EERE Standards

clock August 25, 2009 15:47
EERE's Communication Standards Web site hosts a wealth of information. But it hasn't always been easy to tell which standards are fall-on-your-sword important, and which are simply strong recommendations.

And this distinction is crucial, because EERE is required to meet certain OMB and federal requirements for its Web sites, and it's important to understand what is mandatory and why. [More]

An Update on the Content Management System Survey

clock August 3, 2009 15:48
A few months ago, we asked users of EERE's content management system (CMS), as well as the EERE staff who manage the sites, to provide feedback on their experiences with the CMS. We wanted to gather information on issues such as overall satisfaction with the CMS, amount of time spent editing your sites, service provided by the EES staff, and the value of certain CMS features. Thanks to all who took the time to respond—your feedback is the best way to help us improve the CMS! [More]