A Reminder of Why We Make Multimedia Accessible

clock October 23, 2009 16:22
Considering all the other things we all have on our plates, the extra steps that it takes to make a video, Flash animation, or audio file accessible can feel tedious.

But adding captions or writing a text version is one of those subtle-but-crucial tasks, because it's how we make multimedia files accessible. And "Accessible," in this case, means making your content available to people who may have trouble using your content in the "traditional" way—which includes people with visual, aural, cognitive, or physical challenges. [More]

The New EERE Branding Identity

clock October 13, 2009 18:23
EERE has been working on a long-term Web site redesign effort, which will eventually include every element of the site. You may recall that we previously updated the branding used on EERE Web sites by changing the banners used on the EERE Web site.

Now, in order for EERE to have a cohesive identity, we have just updated our print standards and exhibit guidelines as well. [More]

The Communication Standards Blog Has a New Home!

clock October 8, 2009 12:48
As mentioned in our last post on the old blog, this is the new location for all new Communication Standards posts! All new posts will be posted here from now on.

If you have any questions about this transition, feel free to leave a comment here!

And if you've been following Communication Standards on your RSS feed, make sure that your feed is pointing to http://feeds.feedburner.com/EereCommunicationStandardsBlog, or you will not receive any new updates. [More]