Communication Standards Podcast: Alt Text

clock August 24, 2010 11:43
The third podcast in the "Introduction to Standards" podcast series has been released! This episode covers a topic that everyone who has ever done work on the Web should be familiar with: Alt text! [More]

Simplifying the Way You Link to Files

clock August 16, 2010 19:13
In order to comply with Section 508, EERE has always had a standard formula for linking to PDFs: "Name of File (PDF XX KB). Download Adobe Reader." We have similar standards for linking to native files—or, basically, every other file you can link to. In general, these requirements were made to ensure we provided the necessary plug-ins for our users. [More]

How to Use DOE's YouTube Channel on your Sites

clock August 6, 2010 15:47
We've recently revamped our video standards to better help you with some of the big questions about hosting and embedding videos. [More]