Updates to the EERE Style Guide

clock July 29, 2011 18:35
We've updated the EERE Style Guide again! The biggest change is that "e-mail" is now spelled "email," without the hyphen. (However, other "e-" words, such as "e-business" or "e-book" still require that "e-.") You can see all of that at the email entry. [More]

Expanding the Browser Testing Suite and the Graphic Standards

clock July 15, 2011 16:01
Today we have two updates to announce! First, the EERE Browser Testing Suite has been updated to include Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, and Google Chrome 12. But that's not all! We also updated the graphic standards to help you make images for the older and newer versions of the EERE template. [More]

Remember Your Marketing Plan and Content Review for New Projects

clock July 1, 2011 15:32
As mentioned in recent Web Coordinator Meetings, we’ve instituted two new elements in our website development process.

One of the new requirements is to include a marketing plan for any project coming to the Project Review Team for its initial meeting. The goal is to ensure that as new EERE websites are created, there’s an accompanying strategy for how they are promoted. Examples of marketing avenues include widgets, blog and Facebook posts, GovDelivery notifications, cross-posting on other EERE websites, etc. [More]