Internet Explorer 10 is Now Part of EERE's Testing Suite

clock June 20, 2013 19:09
Internet Explorer 10 is now being used by 6% of EERE's visitors, and that means we're adding it to our browser testing suite.

The EERE browser suite is a list of resolutions, browsers, and browser versions that we test all EERE websites in. This suite is a standard part of EERE's website and Web page coding process, and your developers should test all of your new and updated Web pages in everything listed on it. [More]

Internet Explorer 7 Is No Longer Part of the EERE Testing Suite

clock August 22, 2012 12:10
We've taken Internet Explorer 7 off of the EERE Testing Suite! This means that we will no longer test EERE's Web pages in Internet Explorer 7. You might be wondering how this affects your sites. [More]

Expanding the Browser Testing Suite and the Graphic Standards

clock July 15, 2011 16:01
Today we have two updates to announce! First, the EERE Browser Testing Suite has been updated to include Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, and Google Chrome 12. But that's not all! We also updated the graphic standards to help you make images for the older and newer versions of the EERE template. [More]

Internet Explorer 6: No Longer Part of EERE's Testing Suite

clock April 1, 2011 17:35
Internet Explorer 6 has been removed from EERE's testing suite! What does that mean? Well, if you're a Web developer, you're probably already jumping for joy, because this will make it faster and easier to code websites in general. [More]

Updates to PDF Standards and Browser Testing Suite

clock March 5, 2007 08:00
The EERE PDF Standards and Browser Testing Suit have been updated on the EERE Communication Standards Web site. [More]