New Quality Assurance Checklist Helps You Review Content on

clock May 27, 2015 09:37
We've developed a quality assurance checklist for the Drupal environment. This checklist helps you see if your pages and new nested groups meet EERE's website requirements and best practices. [More]

Updated Video Page Explains Public and Unlisted Videos

clock October 10, 2014 11:08
The Video page on Communication Standards now explains the differences between public and unlisted videos. It explains the benefits of getting public videos, as well as the reviews and approvals that public videos require. We also added instructions on adding videos to and including text versions in YouTube videos. [More]

The External Website Pop-Up

clock August 30, 2012 18:54
You may have noticed that you now get a pop-up window when you click on an EERE link that points to a website outside of EERE. This pop-up is a new part of EERE's linking policy. EERE's always required that you spell out where a link will go in the link or the descriptive text around it. But now we've supplemented this with a pop-up window. [More]

Update to OpenText User Guide Includes New and Updated Sections

clock April 14, 2011 16:22
The user guide to the OpenText CMS has been updated again to reflect several changes the EERE sites have seen in the past year or so: a new template, a mobile variant, and other features such as the feedback widget. The updated versionPDF of the guide is now available on the Communication Standards site, and it will be our final version of the document, due to the planned move to the Drupal platform for the EERE Centralized Web Hosting Environment. [More]

Editing the New EERE Mobile Pages

clock January 29, 2010 12:54
All of the EERE Web sites in our OpenText content management system (CMS) now have a mobile version, and each mobile version will continue to be updated, alongside the standard version, every time you make edits to a page. But what if the mobile version of a particular page needs to have different content than the standard version? Maybe a large photo downsized, or a Flash element removed? Perhaps you want to break a large, text-heavy page down into smaller multiple pages? The steps for accessing the mobile version of a page in the CMS are easy. [More]