Style Guide Update Explains How to Use "U.S. Department of Energy" and "Energy Department"

clock April 9, 2015 15:13
We recently updated the EERE style guide to explain when to use "U.S. Department of Energy" and "Energy Department" in your EERE products. [More]

The EERE Style Guide Gets a Facelift!

clock March 14, 2013 14:27
The style guide is one of the most popular resources on the Communication Standards website. It's a valuable tool for ensuring that all EERE products use the same rules for punctuation, capitalization, and style. To make this great tool even better, we've recently made a ton of changes to it. [More]

New Page Explains How to Make a Conference Website

clock October 17, 2012 17:43
We've just posted a new Web page that explains everything you need to know to design and post a conference website. The new page explains how to design both the site and its registration page. And while we've had approved navigation labels for conference sites available for years, the new page explains what type of content belongs under those labels.

The new page is likely to evolve as DOE releases new requirements for registration sites. But we'd also like to hear from the Programs that have run conference sites in the past. What information would be useful for you? What would you like us to add to this page?

Feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions here on the blog, or mail them directly to the Communication Standards webmaster. We'd love to hear your feedback! [More]

Getting Fast Track OMB Approval for Your Surveys and Usability Tests

clock March 30, 2012 17:30
If you attended the last Web Coordinators meeting, you’ve already heard a bit about using OMB's fast track process for your surveys and usability tests. And now we've also updated the Communication Standards page about surveys with information about when you need approval and how to get it when you do. [More]

Updates to the EERE Style Guide

clock July 29, 2011 18:35
We've updated the EERE Style Guide again! The biggest change is that "e-mail" is now spelled "email," without the hyphen. (However, other "e-" words, such as "e-business" or "e-book" still require that "e-.") You can see all of that at the email entry. [More]