Everything You Need to Start Working in the EERE Web Template

clock January 12, 2012 17:55
If you're building a new EERE website, creating a subsite, or just maintaining an existing one, you know that you need to know the basics of the EERE template to run a successful site. To make this easier, we've expanded the information at the Templates page and clarified the information at the Graphics page. [More]

Expanding the Browser Testing Suite and the Graphic Standards

clock July 15, 2011 16:01
Today we have two updates to announce! First, the EERE Browser Testing Suite has been updated to include Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, and Google Chrome 12. But that's not all! We also updated the graphic standards to help you make images for the older and newer versions of the EERE template. [More]

A Reminder of Why We Make Multimedia Accessible

clock October 23, 2009 16:22
Considering all the other things we all have on our plates, the extra steps that it takes to make a video, Flash animation, or audio file accessible can feel tedious.

But adding captions or writing a text version is one of those subtle-but-crucial tasks, because it's how we make multimedia files accessible. And "Accessible," in this case, means making your content available to people who may have trouble using your content in the "traditional" way—which includes people with visual, aural, cognitive, or physical challenges. [More]

Web Applications and Databases on EERE sites and also new EPA/Energy Star Logo

clock December 12, 2005 08:00
The EERE Communication Standards and Guidelines now offers guidance on creating Web applications. These types of applications use scripting, databases, or multimedia elements to bring interactivity, customization, and structure to a Web site. Before adding a Web application to a site, content owners and developers need to consider several factors including branding, navigation, and the final URL, as well as adhering to EERE and 508 standards. For more information, see the Web Applications and Databases page on the EERE Communications Standards and Guidelines Web site. Also, at the request of EPA, we have posted a new EnergyStar Logo on the Communication Standards Web site. This new image should be used in any reference to the Energy Star program as you update your print documents, exhibits, and Web pages. Thanks for your support of the EERE Web Standards project this year and Happy Holidays!