Remember Your Marketing Plan and Content Review for New Projects

clock July 1, 2011 15:32
As mentioned in recent Web Coordinator Meetings, we’ve instituted two new elements in our website development process.

One of the new requirements is to include a marketing plan for any project coming to the Project Review Team for its initial meeting. The goal is to ensure that as new EERE websites are created, there’s an accompanying strategy for how they are promoted. Examples of marketing avenues include widgets, blog and Facebook posts, GovDelivery notifications, cross-posting on other EERE websites, etc. [More]

The Project Review Team's Information Form Has Been Revised

clock February 14, 2011 11:51
The form that you fill out to initiate your team's check-in with the Project Review Team for a new website project has been revised. The project information form, which is also posted on the home page of the PRT Wiki, now incorporates the task list and schedule that your team once filled out with the project charter a little later in the process. [More]

Standards Podcast: How to Start a Web Project

clock May 26, 2010 18:07
It's now an EERE standard that any new EERE Web project—whether a redesign or a new site—has to to go through the Project Review Team before it starts. And if this process seems confusing to you, the newest Communication Standards project—Starting a Web Project—discusses how to start that process off. [More]

Electronic Newsletters: Standards and Best Practices Update

clock November 3, 2009 18:56
The EERE Web enterprise currently offers more than 25 public and private electronic e-newsletters. As part of our efforts to distinguish between communication "standards" and "best practices," we've updated the electronic newsletter page. [More]

New Contacts Added to the Communication Standards Site

clock June 16, 2009 12:37
There are a lot of people who work on the EERE Web site, and it can sometimes be difficult to know just who is responsible for what—especially when every EERE Program and Office has its own set of contacts. So we've expanded our list of contacts for the EERE Program Web sites so that it includes the Web Coordinators, lead contractors, and EES technical contacts for each site.

You can see a description of all the roles on Web Roles and Responsibilities.

This list is always evolving, so feel free to contact the Communication Standards Webmaster with any and all updates to this list. And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here on the blog! [More]