EERE Web Site Redesign Project Update

clock July 29, 2009 17:41
As most of you already know, we're in the early stages of redesigning the EERE Web site. One of our project goals is to clearly communicate our process with you, the EERE Web community. Following up on our Web coordinator's meeting last week, we wanted to share with you this project update.

Our project goals are:

  1. Update look and feel of EERE Web site to align with new branding and create a more engaging interface for users

  2. Make it easy for users to find all of EERE's 125+ Web site areas

  3. Make it clear to users which collection of EERE Web pages they're searching on (entire site or subset of pages)

  4. Make it easy for users to get to all of EERE Web sites regardless of what page they are on via global navigation

  5. Create a new site template that addresses the priorities of EERE's stakeholders

  6. Clearly communicate redesign process with EERE Web community

Under Sarah Kirchen and Drew Bittner's leadership, we've formed a small advisory team, whose job is to present ideas and recommendations to the TAO director. The team held its first meeting on July 17 and will continue to meet monthly. Special thanks to Andrea Chew, Teresa Carroll, Liz Hartman, John Lippert, Wendy Littman, Anthoney Perkins, and Emily Setzer for serving on this group.

During this and next week, the DOE/EERE banner at the top of every EERE Web site will be replaced with a new banner, which reflects new branding. See New DOE Banners for the EERE Web site for more information.

Our approach for implementing a new look and feel across the EERE Web enterprise will embrace an iterative philosophy. An EERE home page "face lift" is currently under review by TAO management. The updated design offers subtle changes that will continue to unfold in phases throughout the redesign process.

We have interviewed 30+ Web coordinators, contractors, and other key stakeholders regarding their experiences, thoughts, and suggestions for improving the template. Thanks to those of you who have participated. Additionally, we are benchmarking about 20 federal, nonprofit, and commercial Web sites to look for ideas and best practices.

Additionally, we are exploring topic landing pages as a possible solution to making it easier for users to find EERE's 125+ Web sites.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and ideas. [More]

New DOE Banners for the EERE Web Site

clock July 27, 2009 18:47
Over the next week or so, the DOE/EERE banner at the top of every EERE Web site will be changing. This will be replacing the "U.S. Department of Energy: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" banner that currently sits on top of the green Program or Office banner on every Web page. The new banner, which you can see on the Building Technologies Program Web site, is dark blue and does not include the DOE seal.

This new banner is going to be rolled out throughout the next week (July 27-August 3) on all of the Web sites in the OpenText (formerly RedDot) Content Management System. All of these changes will be done on August 3. On August 3, all of the EERE Web sites hosted at NREL, as well as the EERE home page, will also go live with the new banner.

If you work on an EERE Web site that is not hosted on one of the two primary EERE servers, please contact Elizabeth Spencer for a copy of the new banner. [More]

New Finding Aids to EERE Web Site Content

clock August 21, 2006 08:00
EERE Web Site now offers a new Subject Index, Site Name Index, and Popular Topics section on the EERE Home page. These three new finding aids have been added to the top-level of the EERE Web site, next to the EERE Search function. [More]

New EERE Financial Opportunities Web Site

clock October 7, 2005 08:00
The EERE Web team is pleased to announce a new Financial Opportunities Web site. This site provides basic information about the EERE financial assistance process as well as a complete listing of current and past financial opportunity solicitations. [More]

Changes to EERE Regional Office Web Sites

clock July 13, 2004 08:00
EERE's Regional Offices have updated their Web sites and changed their Web site URLs to reflect their new names: [More]