Making Links to PDF and Native File Formats a Little Easier

clock November 12, 2010 15:47
Back in August, we announced that we were changing the way we linked to PDFs and Native Files. The new style is easier: Instead of including the file size and a download to a plugin, you just link the title and include an icon for the file type. [More]

Simplifying the Way You Link to Files

clock August 16, 2010 19:13
In order to comply with Section 508, EERE has always had a standard formula for linking to PDFs: "Name of File (PDF XX KB). Download Adobe Reader." We have similar standards for linking to native files—or, basically, every other file you can link to. In general, these requirements were made to ensure we provided the necessary plug-ins for our users. [More]

PDF Standards Updated for Acrobat 8

clock May 24, 2007 08:00
The EERE Communication Standards have been updated to reflect the availability of Acrobat 8 for creating PDFs. The biggest change is that PDFs created with Acrobat 8 should now be saved to be compatible with Acrobat 7 Reader. If you are using Acrobat 8, you can find new distiller settings downloads and the recommended application configuration to ensure your PDFs are compliant. [More]

Updates to PDF Standards and Browser Testing Suite

clock March 5, 2007 08:00
The EERE PDF Standards and Browser Testing Suit have been updated on the EERE Communication Standards Web site. [More]

Update to EERE Web Acrobat standards and Reminder regarding other PDF standards

clock April 20, 2005 08:00
We have a new standard for PDFs: PDFs must now be created to be compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6. Complete PDF guidelines and a PDF Creation Checklist is available with step-by-step guidance to create accessible PDFs. [More]