Style Guide Update Explains How to Use "U.S. Department of Energy" and "Energy Department"

clock April 9, 2015 15:13
We recently updated the EERE style guide to explain when to use "U.S. Department of Energy" and "Energy Department" in your EERE products. [More]

EERE Peer Review Logos Live

clock February 26, 2015 10:25
EERE’s 2015 Project Peer Review logos have been added to the site and are available for program office use. [More]

Security Measure Rollout for EERE Templates and Logos

clock September 10, 2014 14:11
EERE's Communications office is putting new online security measures in place to ensure that access for EERE's templates, logos, and other branding will be reserved only for those who are approved to use these tools and products. The secured access will go into effect starting Monday, September 15. [More]

Updated EERE Publication Templates

clock September 8, 2014 10:17
EERE's publication templates have recently been updated and are now live on Communication Standards. These templates are in line with current EERE Identity and Design Standards and can be used for fact sheets, brochures, and pamphlets. [More]

New EERE Report Template Available

clock August 6, 2014 13:29
In response to your requests, we are pleased to announce the report template is now available on Communication Standards. The report template is in line with current EERE Identity and Design Standards and will aid in the production of technical reports. [More]