EERE now has a brand new set of QA Checklists!

What are those, you ask? If you've ever been part of creating or redesigning an EERE Web site, then your sites have gone through a QA. Here's the gist of it: Let's say that you're doing a redesign, or you're making a brand new site. When you have your fully-coded Web site on the development server, it needs to get a Quality Assurance (QA) check before it goes live.

Your site will be QAed by a developer, who will use a QA Checklist to review your site. The QA Checklist lists every requirement that your site needs to meet n order to go live. So, in the end, if your site passes the QA checklist, it meets all of EERE's requirements for Web sites.

EERE had only one QA checklist before, which was developed when the EERE template was first rolled out. But now, to make the QA process easier for both you and your developer, there are now three different QA Checklists, each designed to deal with a particular site. There are checklists for sites in OpenText, In-Template sites that aren't in OpenText, and sites that are not in the EERE template at all (which are called "Partnership Sites.")

QA Checklists are tools, of course. So if you're a developer who does QAs for EERE, please take a look at and use the new checklists. If you have any suggestions for how to make them more useful, please leave a comment here on the blog, mail the Standards Webmaster, or use the feedback box on the QA Checklist page.