We just changed the EERE Video Standards to give you a huge bang for your buck. Going forward, EERE-skinned videos will be visible to users on iOS platforms that don't support Flash, such as iPhones and iPads. All you have to do is upload your videos in MP4 format, and the rest is handled for you by the video skin.

If you've posted videos on EERE before, you know that we have two different ways of posting videos. Some videos are posted directly on the DOE YouTube Channel. These videos have never had any visibility issues, because they're already visible on iOS devices.

The other way to post a video is to host it on the EERE servers and post it in the video skin. We explain the entire process on the video page. We used to allow you to post videos in several different formats, including FLV—or Flash. Now, going forward, we require all videos to be posted as MP4s, so they'll be accessible to devices with and without Flash.

If you already have a bunch of videos, you might be wondering if this means you have to go back and update them. The answer is no. While it's a good idea to update your old videos if you can afford it—it's always better to reach more people, after all—it's not required. This requirement only applies to all new videos hosted on EERE.

As always, if you have any questions you can ask here in the blog comments or you can send an email to the Communication Standards webmaster. We're always glad to answer your questions!