A few months ago, we asked users of EERE's content management system (CMS), as well as the EERE staff who manage the sites, to provide feedback on their experiences with the CMS. We wanted to gather information on issues such as overall satisfaction with the CMS, amount of time spent editing your sites, service provided by the EES staff, and the value of certain CMS features. Thanks to all who took the time to respond—your feedback is the best way to help us improve the CMS!

We have compiled your feedback, and we've developed a plan to address the needs raised by the survey—both the survey report and our action plan are now available on the Communication Standards site, on the Web Reports page. This includes two reports, which are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader

  • RedDot Satisfaction Survey Report (PDF 180 KB)
  • Plans for Addressing Issues Raised in the CMS Survey (PDF 28 KB

To begin the process of improving the CMS, earlier in the summer we upgraded to OpenText 9.0, and we brought in an OpenText consultant to evaluate the CMS configuration, templates, and business usage in our environment. Here are some of the issues raised in the survey that have now been resolved by these two initial steps: 

  • The CMS no longer times out when adding a new page.
  • The CMS no longer logs users out in the middle of working on a task.
  • We now have a more efficient way to develop site templates. 

We want to be sure your needs are being met, so please let us know if the issues we've resolved need further attention, if you are concerned about the timeline noted in the action plan for addressing specific items, or if the changes we are making are proving helpful to you.

Look for future blog posts as we make additional improvements to the CMS.