You may have noticed over the last few weeks that we've been making a ton of little changes across the Communication Standards Web site. Today I'd like to highlight three changes that site owners across EERE may be interested in: the new EERE Blog Policy, the updated Library of Approved Navigation, and three new lists covering Top Five Standards You Need to Know—one for all three types of standards.

EERE Blog Policy

The EERE Blog Policy is now available for any site managers that are interested in developing a blog. The new policy describes the requirements for getting approval for, managing, and writing for an EERE blog.

Library of Approved Navigation

The Library of Approved Navigation is in the process of being updated. In this first pass through the library, these labels were updated:

  • Information Resources
  • Financial Opportunities
  • Navigation for Conference, Meeting, and Workshop Sites

The page also includes a new "How to Use the Library" section that explains how the Library of Approved Navigation works.

The Top Five Standards You Need To Know

We have three new "Top Fives" lists, for all of the three types of standards:

These three lists serve as "cheat sheets" for anyone new to the EERE Communication Standards. Whether you're looking at Web project management, content, or technical standards, these lists will give you an idea where to start.

We're always working on the Communication Standards to make them more useful to you and your EERE sites. If you have any thoughts about the above three updates, or any suggestions for further changes and improvements, please feel free to share them in the comments!