In our post on August 3rd, we told you about the results of our CMS user survey, as well as the steps we are taking to address the issues that were raised. Since then, we've made some additional improvements that we'd like to share with you—you can now choose your text editor, and we've updated the CMS user guide.

OpenText 9.0 offers several text editors for your use. After testing some of the editors, we have chosen the Telerik Rad editor as EERE's new default text editor (although you can, of course, continue to use the original editor if you so choose). Over the summer, we asked a cross-section of CMS users to test the Telerik editor, and the majority of them report that Telerik is a definite improvement over the original editor. It alleviates issues such as stripping out tags and characters, and incorrectly rendering special characters in the WYSIWYG interface. The code view in Telerik is also easier to read and edit. Additionally, Telerik works well in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

With the establishment of this new default editor, we've rewritten the user guide from the Telerik perspective. The user guide also now reflects version 9.0 of OpenText, and we've made additional updates based on your survey feedback; for example, the steps for developers to embed Flash code, and for users to change a page's file name. The updated user guide (PDF 2.2 MB) is now available on the Communication Standards site. Download Adobe Reader.

If you'd like specific training on the Telerik editor, please contact your EES Technical Contact. We've spent the past few weeks tweaking the Telerik editor settings in order to optimize your user experience, and we will monitor any comments and feedback you might have on the Telerik editor through a wiki we've set up. We look forward to hearing about your experience with the new editor!