Meeting Notice:
What: EERE Web Site Update and Transition Plan
When: March 17, 2004, 1:30PM
Where: Room GH-019

A year ago, EERE's Office of Communications and Outreach unveiled the EERE plans for adopting corporate branding on all EERE Web sites, including standardization of navigation, information architecture, and graphical approach. Since then EERE programs and offices have redesigned their Web sites, and the majority of those new designs have gone live.

Another important step in the EERE Web site consolidation project is to collocate all EERE Web sites to a single set of servers. To accomplish this, EERE has contracted with RS Information Systems, a prime small business contractor under the DOE CIO ITISS contract, to provide systems administration and Web hosting for all EERE Web sites. The transfer of Web sites to RSIS is scheduled to take place October 1, 2004.

RSIS has already started working with NREL to establish system requirements for those Web sites currently hosted on the EERE/NREL server. However, the needs of EERE Web sites currently hosted elsewhere must be assessed and provided for in the transition plan.

In order to address the questions and concerns of EERE Web site managers, we will hold a briefing on March 17, at 1:30PM, in Room GH-019. It is very important that every EERE program Web site be represented at this meeting. The briefing will be followed by a individual meetings with Web site program managers to survey hardware/software needs and other requirements to implement EERE's Management Action Plan decision #11-5.

Please RSVP to let me know who will be representing your Web sites at the briefing. Refreshments will be served.