The EERE Web enterprise currently offers more than 25 public and private electronic e-newsletters. As part of our efforts to distinguish between communication "standards" and "best practices," we've updated the electronic newsletter page.

In order to protect subscriber privacy, reduce the proliferation of spam, and maintain the EERE brand, EERE has established policies for newsletters that are sent via an electronic mailing list. Additionally, we've outlined e-newsletter best practices, which help improve the effectiveness of your e-newsletters.

Here are some of the important topics we cover on the electronic newsletter page:

  • All e-mail messages should be sent using EERE's GovDelivery account, DOE or national laboratory e-mail servers, or commercial mailing list providers that meet the criteria listed on the electronic newsletter Web page.
  • Sending e-mail messages through Outlook is not recommended. All electronic newsletters also must include the EERE header and program header.
  • If you use an HTML template, we recommend that you use EERE's official e-mail template. To see an example of an approved newsletter, contact Chris Stewart.
  • Before creating an e-newsletter, make sure your content doesn't cover the same topics and audiences of EERE's other e-newsletters. If you want to start a newsletter focused to the general public, your announcements may be more appropriate to send out over some of EERE's older, more established newsletters, such as EERE Progress Alerts.
  • We recommend writing a subscription page for your e-newsletters, which ideally describes the topic, format, and frequency of the mailings you will send.
  • Use a "double opt-in" subscription process for your mailing list. This way, prospective subscribers submit their e-mail addresses and then receive a confirmation request to which they must reply in order to join your list.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you're curious about all of EERE's requirements and best practices, you can find them on the electronic newsletter page.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, feel free to leave a comment here on the blog!