Could you pick 5 target audiences for your site, and then post only content that is written for them? Could your program remove the content that isn't as "important?"

In his review of the EERE Web site, Brian Lamb suggested just that. And Ginny Redish, in her presentation to DOE, went even narrower, and suggested focusing on your top 3 audiences. But what does that mean for EERE?

There are many reasons to focus your content toward a limited number of audiences. If you write your content for your top audiences—and only them—then your site will be more streamlined and focused. If you remove content not meant for these top audiences, you can dramatically cut down on the size of your site, making it easier to search and use your site.

But putting this into practice is harder than it sounds. Most sites on EERE appeal to multiple, often extremely varied audiences who have very different needs. And because EERE is a government site, there is a strong push to post everything that a program produces.

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