Internet Explorer 6 has been removed from EERE's testing suite! What does that mean? Well, if you're a Web developer, you're probably already jumping for joy, because this will make it faster and easier to code websites in general.

What does it mean for everyone else? Well, whenever we make a new website, our developers are supposed to make sure the site looks right and works right in all of the browsers in the EERE testing suite.

So this doesn't mean anything for the live websites. If you use IE6, all the pages on EERE will continue to work for you. However, we won't be making sure that new sites, updates, and redesigns work in IE6. So new sites—and, eventually, most of EERE—may not work properly in your browser.

So if you still use IE6, it would probably be a good idea to upgrade. Even Microsoft is encouraging people to update their browsers, and is counting down how many people are still using it. So talk to your IT folks and learn how to upgrade!