Even though there aren't all that many videos on EERE, we always seem to get a ton of questions about how to post them. You might remember that we updated our video standards back in September. And now, to make the process even clearer, we've released the next Introduction to Standards Podcast, called "Posting Videos on EERE and YouTube."

The podcast takes you through the process of posting a video on EERE. It explains how the DOE YouTube channel works and what you have to do to get posted there. It also explains how videos that aren't eligible for the YouTube channel can be hosted on EERE instead.

The podcast talks mostly about the posting process, so it doesn't go very deeply into making videos accessible. You can read more about those on the Video and Text Version pages.

But if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here on the blog! As always, I also can answer questions through the Communication Standards Webmaster.