We've put together two brand new pages that we hope will help you maintain your sites: A page that helps explain how we work with various types of Social Media in EERE, and one that describes how to develop an RSS feed.

The first of these pages is designed for Web site managers who are curious about the various forms of social media that are out there and how they can use them on their site. The new Social Media page describes all the major social media tools that EERE is currently involved with, and explains how to use each. Some tools—like YouTube or Flickr—are only available on the DOE level. Others—like blogs and bulletin boards—you can start up if you feel you have the content and resources to maintain them.

The other page we've developed is a brand new, technically-focused page on RSS feeds. The RSS Feeds page discusses best practices for how to code an RSS feed and get statistics for it. If you feel your users need help installing an RSS feed, it also tells you how to link to EERE's About RSS page, so you can avoid duplicating "how to install an RSS feed" instructions whenever you start a new feed.

We hope these new pages will help make the wide world of social media a little clearer! And, as always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or email the Communication Standards Webmaster.