Back in August, we announced that we were changing the way we linked to PDFs and Native Files. The new linking style we introduced then is very straightforward: Instead of including the file size and a download to a plugin, you just link the title and include an icon for the file type.

When that post was written, you had to code the icon by hand behind every link you made. Now we've made this process a little easier.

If your site has been refaced into the new template, you no longer need to code the icons. Just link to the file like you would link to an HTML page, and the PDF or Microsoft Office icon will appear automatically when the page goes live. If your site is in the old EERE template, or it isn't hosted in OpenText or the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, you will still have to code the icons by hand.

What you need to do in each case is explained on the Native File Formats and PDFs page on Communication Standards.

This also means you need to update your links!

If your site has been refaced, you might notice that your PDF links now look like "Title (PDF XX KB) PDF." This is not the preferred style. So as you do other work on your pages, please take a moment to fix all the PDF links so they read "TITLE OF YOUR DOCUMENTPDF".

You don't have to run out and update every page on your site at once. But as you do other maintenance work on your site, update the PDF and Microsoft Office links while you're working on that page. Eventually, your whole site should be consistent!