The EERE Web team is pleased to announce a new Financial Opportunities Web site. This site provides basic information about the EERE financial assistance process as well as a complete listing of current and past financial opportunity solicitations.

The site:

  • Establishes and promotes EERE's role in providing financial opportunities
  • Provides a central location where users can locate relevant financial opportunities easily
  • Reduces the confusion of identifying appropriate financial opportunities for user needs
  • Presents solicitation information consistently and thoroughly
  • Explains the solicitations process to prospective applicants.

We therefore hope it will serve as a resource for Webmasters who receive financial assistance inquiries.

In addition, site owners can subscribe to be notified of new EERE solicitations that are relevant to their program and then add them to their site with a click of a button. This functionality works just like the existing news and events database. Although the Financial Opportunities site will cover all EERE solicitations, site owners can also use the database to add their own program-specific solicitation information from other sources. To see an example of this service, visit the Distributed Energy Program's Current Solicitations page.

For more information about the site or database, please contact Amy Vaughn at 303-275- 3863. To subscribe your program site to the solicitation database service, contact Shauna Fjeld phone at 303-275-3651.