The Office of Communications and Outreach now has three new databases available for you to use on your Web sites: News, Events, and Contacts. We will briefly discuss these at the March 17th meeting for EERE Web Site managers. However, we hope you will feel free to get started in using the databases by following the contact information at the end of this message.

Examples of the News and Events Databases are on the Wind & Hydropower Program Web site.

For an example of the Contacts Database go to the Denver Regional Office Web site.

Here are the benefits and features of the databases:

Key Benefits of the Databases

  • Keep your news and contacts pages current and accurate.
  • No html coding required, but you can continue to use it if you prefer.
  • You can immediately send pages live yourself.
  • There is no cost to the program.

Features of the News Database

  • Add and update your own news easily.
  • Choose to be notified of other available news or have it posted to your site automatically:
    • DOE press releases updated by EERE Network News editor
    • Other quality, technology news updated by EERE Network News editor
    • Other EERE program news.

Features of the Contacts Database

  • Updates staff contact information automatically.
  • Notifies you of any changes in staff contact information.
  • Allows you to organize staff listings by teams and responsibilities.
  • Allows you to add external contacts, such as contractors and national labs.

Features of the Events Database

  • You can take advantage of events from other programs already entered in the EERE internal intranet events database.
  • You can add your own program specific events to the page.
  • Visitors can sort by event name, date of event, or location.

How to Get Started

  • Contact Shauna Fjeld, NREL, at 303-275-3651 to schedule a time to set up database access and a brief tutorial.
  • Unless you have special requirements, you can have access to the databases in less than a week.