In response to your requests for more template options, we have developed a variety of program-specific PowerPoint title slides and new print templates.

The program-specific PowerPoint title slides can be used to provide a thematic backdrop to your presentations, and also provide you with more presentation template choices. To substitute your own image into the front page of the PowerPoint Template by selecting "Presentation Views" and then "Slide Master" in PowerPoint. Once you are in the "Slide Master" you can then delete the photo and substitute your own. You can also add the Program or Presentation name in the footer in this view.

The new print templates provide additional design options, specifically 2- and 3-column layouts. And to further respond to your requests for more options, we have also combined the Fact Sheets, Case Studies, Success Stories, and Lessons Learned Templates into one category: Outreach Publications. The goal is to provide you with more latitude in selecting the template format for your publication. All versions of the print templates are provided as Adobe InDesign CS4 files.