The EERE Communication Standards now offers a section dedicated to Training, where you can find all of the EERE webinars that help everyone who works in the EERE Web world learn more about implementing the standards. The section includes materials from the recent webinar on EERE Web Content Standards.

The section also includes the other webinars given in the last year, including the Managing EERE Web Projects webinar, Brian Lamb's review of the EERE Web Site and Consumer Site, and the Accessibility and Section 508 webinar. If you weren't able to attend the webinars, we invite you to further your training at your leisure. Please also share these materials with any new employees still getting up to speed on EERE standards.

We're always working to make the Communication Standards site more useful to everyone who relies on them to do their work. If you have any suggestions about other ways to improve the Training section, please share them in the comments!