To comply with OMB Policies for Federal Web Sites, EERE has developed a new Web Site Policies page. This page links users to sites that can answer questions about e-governance, copyright, accessibility, linking policies, and other issues relevant to government Web sites. The page is currently linked from the footer on the EERE home page.

OMB requires that all entry level pages (i.e., all sites that are linked from the EERE home page) make the following changes to the footer:

  1. Add a link to Web Site Policies
  2. Link to
  3. Link to the U.S. Department of Energy

When adding these links, please follow the format of the footer on the EERE home page.

The footer change is required for the following sites:

Program sites

  • Biomass Program
  • Building Technologies Program
  • Distributed Energy Program
  • Federal Energy Management Program
  • FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Program
  • Geothermal Technologies Program
  • Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, & Infrastructure Technologies Program
  • Industrial Technologies Program
  • Solar Energy Technologies Program
  • Weatherization & Intergovernmental Program
  • Wind & Hydropower Technologies Program

Office/Others Linked from Top Level

  • Business Administration
  • Planning, Budget, & Analysis
  • Golden Field Office

If you have any questions about implementing these changes, please
contact me. For more information visit OMB Policies for Federal Web.