Over the last few weeks I've been answering the questions that we weren't able to answer during our April 30 Web Coordinators Workshop. Now, after a couple weeks, we're ready to answer the last question:

Do links from social media impact EERE page rankings in commercial search engines?

Do links from social media impact EERE page rankings in commercial search engines?

During the workshop, we were asked if linking to EERE pages from social media Web sites would raise EERE's ranking in commercial search engines like Google or Yahoo.

This question is based on a common misconception that more links to your sites means that your pages have a higher ranking. In fact, the number of links to your site doesn't boost your site's rankings in commercial search engines. The quality or importance of the sites that link to you does.

The actual list of "quality" sites isn't public, but the idea is solid: If a well known, well established site links to you, that's good. Simply having tons of links to your site doesn't help. At this time, social media sites like Twitter or Facebook do not appear to be considered "quality” sites." So links from Twitter or Facebook page will not boost your site's search rankings.

There are some types of "social media" that could conceivably boost your pages' search rankings—Blogs are considered Web pages, for example, and if a high "quality" blog links to your site (such as a White House blog or something along those lines) that may help boost your search rankings.

That said, EERE enjoys extremely high search rankings, and there is little reason for EERE Web Coordinators to launch social media campaigns with the goal of improving their search rankings.

So, for the most part, this isn't an issue EERE Web Coordinators need to worry about. Instead, it would be best to focus on using social media to draw targeted traffic to our sites and to use social media to draw attention to our highest quality content.

If you have further questions about search, contact EERE search specialist Marsha Luevane or leave a question here on the blog.