For the past 6 years the EERE Web Site Technology Portal has provided users with energy efficiency and renewable energy topical information and links to outside resources. While the portal has served us well, improvements on EERE Program sites make it unnecessary to keep the portal as a separate resource.

First of all the program sites now offer robust, easy-to-find content in the EERE template. Also, we have recently added a Site/Subject Index which takes users directly to the EERE sites they are seeking.

Consequently, the EERE Web team is planning to dismantle the portal.

Before we do so, we would like to offer you the opportunity to retain the information and links for use in your program sites. Please review relevant sections to determine if you would like to keep any of this content.

The "Technology Portal" and can be found on the EERE home page under the Quick Links heading and the Technology Portal link.

The following topics can be found in the portal:

Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy

Under each topic, you will find two main sections. The hyperlinks in the left column of the page lead to a collection of links to sites broken out by organizations and resources. In the center column of the page is basic information about the topic. Some links in this section lead to pages that provide further information, while others lead to search results from sites on EERE and related sites listed on EERE.

We are planning to dismantle the portal in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or would like to retain any of the content for your own site, please contact me to discuss the next steps.