The RedDot user guide has recently been updated and reposted to the Communication Standards site. Download the latest version.

The new version includes the following changes/additions:

  • How to move a page in RedDot from one part of your site to another part (p. 42)

  • How to archive a page in RedDot for future use (p. 45)

  • How to add/update Quick Links (p. 34)

  • How to redirect a left navigation button so it forwards to a page in a different section of your site (p. 60)

  • A new table listing keywords for each site (p. 11)

  • Updated description of publishing targets (when submit to workflow, now publishes only to staging; when pages released, publishes to live only - so if you do multiple revisions after the initial publish to staging, be sure the developer does a manual publish to live AND staging to keep both servers in sync)

In addition to the changes in the user guide, we've altered the Disconnect/Delete plug in under the Actions menu to remove the Disconnect portion of the plug in, which we found was confusing, and not being used.  Instead of disconnecting pages using the plug in, you now have the option to move a page to another part of your site (see content on page 42), or to archive a page for future use (see content on page 45).

Thanks to many of you for your excellent suggestions on the user guide - the changes we've made were in direct response to your recommendations.

If you have additional suggestions after reviewing this version of the guide, please send them to John Lippert.